Yvette King

I recently returned to Sydney, my hometown. And Bondi Beach – which pretty much used to be in my own backyard (so exaggerating, it was a 15 minute drive away), anyhoo, being apart really made my heart grow fonder.

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The water is icy blue, the sand is white – it’s little wonder tourists love coming here. But I guess as a born and bred Sydney-sider, you can get a little bit jaded and unappreciative of the beauties right under your nose.

I would recommend having a cocktail at Icebergs, lunch at Bondi Fish, explore the Bondi markets and then grab a gelato from Messina (hands down the best in the world and I’m including Italy here).

I don’t really know how to explain this, but while I miss my family and friends so much, I think Sydney has more charm for me when I’m just stopping by. Being an expat in Singapore, it’s this weird feeling of living in a place that is like a temporary home, but my real home Sydney, seems less and less like where I want to be right now. Coming back is strangely familiar, but I do feel a sense of relief arriving in Changi Airport. But I will never be able to replicate the friendship circle I have, that I’ve shared so many memories with – both good and bad, in Asia. I don’t think I’m ready to cut the umbilical chord with Australia just yet…

WEARING // Majorly crushing on this Winona jumpsuit from  Luxe Boutique / shot by Jimmy Tsang

Written by Yvette King