I’m ALWAYS running late for weddings. I don’t know what it is about the occasion – it’s one of those events that you absolutely can’t be late for, but I’m always screaming, running, curling my hair while applying mascara – it’s a disaster.

It’s strange that I’m so under prepared, considering I know what I’m wearing well in advance. Here are my wedding outfits DOs and DON’Ts.

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+ For the ladies

– DO NOT WEAR WHITE. I AM SHOUTING AS THIS NEEDS TO GO INTO YOUR HEAD! It’s incredibly inappropriate – it’s the bride’s day, and she is the one that gets to wear the white! You will get dirty looks and trust me, the bride will notice!

– Avoid metallics overkill. We all that that one special dress in our wardrobe that you envisage wearing on New Year’s Eve as confetti rains down and you’re about to kiss your beau… Those kind of dresses are very night time / club-esque and most wedding ceremonies are during the day. Think about something that won’t make you stand out like a sore thumb at 3pm in the afternoon…

– Don’t dress like a slag! Mass cleavage (if you’re blessed enough to have that good for you, but keep the ladies wrapped up!) or butt-grazing skirts are a big no, no. You’re in a church remember! And grandma is two pews up from you!

– Don’t wear a gigantic hat. People can’t see the bride damn it!

– Bring a huge tote bag. You’re not going on an overnight vay cay! Go for a clutch, or small purse. It’s more formal and honestly – enjoy the fact you don’t really need much than your phone, ID, some cash and lippy.


– Wear comfortable shoes. Don’t get carried away – kitten heels are pretty ug, but don’t make the mistake I did – wearing a sky-high champagne heel on a wharf – basically my heel sunk in between the wood slats all night long and these shoes crushed my pinky toe – the juice is not worth the squeeze! Don’t do it to yourself ladies!

– Bring a shawl – might be nice and innocently warm in the lazy afternoon sun, but once it becomes dark, brrrrrrrr! A shawl is a fab option as it’s lightweight and not as office-workery as a blazer.

– Go for floor length or past the knee. Keep it classy.

– Jewel tones look great in pictures.

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+ For the guys


– Wear shorts. EVER. Even if it’s a suit shorts outfit. So weird.

– Wear flip-flops, jandals, sandals – anything open toed. Again. So weird. I guess the exception would be a beach wedding…

– Wear a green, maroon, Barney purple, red, silver, gold suit. Rank.

– Wear crocodile skin, white leather or beliage shoes. Hideous things.


– Wear a tie or a bow tie. At least during the ceremony or even better until at least the entree! And don’t complain about it! Weddings and job interviews are the very rare occasions we dress up these days – and the ladies will love your Sunday best look!

– Wear a pocket square if you can be bothered – it’s a nice touch.

– Bring sunglasses – Ray-Bans do generally suit most guys. Squinting is not cute!

– Navy and grey suits are winners. Pair up with a crisp white shirt and you’re good to go. Plaid – not ok. Lumberjack wedding guest is not on the invite list.

– Linen blazer is ok too. Linen trousers meanwhile… Only beach wedding my friends.

– Facial hair (regrowth, stubble) is ok! Gandalf beard – ummm no.

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I’m wearing this lovely number from Gnossem. Hope this was helpful in some way!

Written by Yvette King