I’ve always wanted to be Posh. The day the Spice Girls stormed their way into our pop culture psyche wearing chunky shoes chanting “Girl Power”, I was well and truly on the bandwagon. But for me, it was always Victoria who I related to most.

I can’t even begin to explain what a super fan girl I am. I’ve read Victoria’s autobiography and whenever as a kid we played dress-ups, I was Posh, naturally. And I’ve followed her evolving, stellar career ever since.

She is someone who I truly admire – not just her impeccable and adventourous sense of style, but her work ethic, vision and ability to execute on her dreams yet still keep her family her priority. She really is a woman who has it all.

And when I was invited to meet and interview the fashionista on her whirlwind trip to Asia, I admit, I nearly did a little wee in excitement, while also squealing at the same time! But they do say, never meet your idols as you will be disappointed.Well, I can safely say that it couldn’t have been further from the truth… Victoria is warm, charming, completely approachable and has such a great self-depreciating sense of humour – it’s hard not to love her more!

Victoria Beckham_OnPedder accessories

ME: Do you have a personal style icon?

VB: Um… Not really. I think there are lots of stylish women out there that can be inspiring, whether it’s the way they conduct themselves, whether it’s the way that they’re dressed. Or whether it’s a woman that’s in power that really knows how to conduct herself.


ME: What makes you more nervous – was it going out on stage performing, or sending your models down the catwalk?

VB: Oh definitely the models. You know I really had a lot of fun with the Spice Girls and I’ve very appreciative of my time with them and the fans, but for me this is what I really love, this is what I really care about – this is my passion. I love women, I want to empower women – whether that’s in Asia or America or Europe. Women are women. So this makes me more nervous, because this is what I really care about – I really do. I feel that I have a strong message that I want to put out there and I take my business very seriously. So definitely this is more nerve-wracking.

ME: Is there anything specific you say to the models before you send them down the runway?

VB: I tell them, they look beautiful – because they do. No, I mean – they’re all of a certain calibre – they know how to walk, they look great in the clothes… The hair and makeup looks great, so not so much now. At the beginning, maybe… But not so much now. We use great girls, we’re very lucky.

ME: Have you been surprised by how much the fashion industry has completely embraced your line?

VB: I don’t know if I would say surprised… I’m always trying to better myself, I’m always aiming higher, I’m always dreaming…

Victoria Beckham_shades

ME: …Because it is quite notoriously tough, isn’t it? A lot of skeptics and things like that…

VB: It is. But the product has spoken for itself – it isn’t anything to do with the fact it’s me. It’s that fact that, forget who I am – the product is good. It’s selling. Women are responding to it. The quality is good. So I think as long as I continue to focus and continue doing that, hopefully I should continue on this very positive trail…

ME: Is there something that you would never wear?

VB: A crop top.

ME: Bad choice then (yes, I am wearing a crop top)…

VB: No, no, no! What I mean by crop top is a really, you know (highlights under the bust)… Not so much into that. I like the crop as a detail. And actually that’s where I challenge myself. For the pre-collection, a couple of seasons ago I was intrigued by that. And so we took that as inspiration and used it as a seaming detail. I like to get inspired by things that challenge me. I think important, as opposed to naturally doing what you like all the time. Ultimately, I want to design clothes and accessories that I want, but I like to challenge my aesthetic as well – to do something different and something fresh and new.

Victoria Beckham_clutch

ME: Is there any woman you’d love to dress, but haven’t yet?

VB: We’ve been very fortunate to dress as many people as we have. I know Kate Bosworth is coming here next week and I’d like to dress her. I think she understands fashion, she likes to take risks….And Hillary Clinton. That would be cool.

Girl power indeed. Victoria has launched an exclusive line of accessories (sunglasses and bags) for On Pedder – in a soft, rose pink colour, only available in this region. Hashtag #amazing

Wearing Klarra top | Celine glasses | Victoria Beckham clutch | River Island heels | Chloe bracelet

// shot in Singapore

Written by Yvette King