The Maldives is one spot in the world you should absolutely make the time, effort and save the cash for.

One reason for you to do the aforementioned things is to catch some of the breathtaking sunsets. The whole sky lights up in hues of pink, orange and everything in between. But for some reason, in the dying light of the day, as the temperature gets a little cooler, I always have a small feeling of sadness that sweeps over me. Maybe it’s the fact that another day is done and dusted, or maybe it’s because tomorrow I’ll be a little older and maybe not wiser.

Wearing // Alexander Wang singlet from Club 21 | Klarra skirt

Alexander Wang_Klarra
Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.24.50 pm
Alexander Wang
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Alexander Wang_Klarra_2
Written by Yvette King