It’s so easy while on vay-cay to blow out. Eat and drink too much, laze around and basically vegetate!

I guess that’s the whole point in so many ways – to just let your hair down and relax. Yes true. But there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable to get out in your bikini as you’ve acquired a muffin top from last night’s boozing and gluttony session at the all you can eat dinner feast! I like to incorporate at least something active per day while on holidays. The reason is, if I allow myself to slip for too many days, I’m off the bandwagon and it’s ten times harder to earn it all back.

Before you’re like – this chick is way too intense, let me explain. On a beach holiday, you can easily do fun things that also burn the calories and get your body moving. Like snorkelling for example. I would spend hours doing this every single day – but take note – if you’re out in the heat of the day, wear board shorts and a t-shirt! I did unintentionally roast my buttocks one day!

Other active holiday things you can do also includes stand up paddle-boarding. This is incredibly good for your core and arms – if you don’t believe me, try it and see how those arms feel the next day!

Another thing you can do is before breakfast, just go to the gym in your resort and do 50 kettle bell swings. It covers arms, core, butt and thighs all in one!

I’m currently using the bikini body workout by Kayla Itsines – which is an e-book – you can take it around with you anywhere. I’ll tell you more about this workout in another post.

So you can sip those pina coladas guilt-free! Cheers to that!

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Written by Yvette King