I admit it. Bloggers are damn influential. Ever since I saw Song of Style instagramming some Skin Inc, my internal monologue was “seems legit”.

Anyway, as the universe would have it, before I could say, I’ll try me some of that new skin product, I found myself being introduced to Sabrina Tan – the woman and mastermind behind the line. I was surprised to learn that it was the first Singapore brand carried by Sephora. Ok, once again I’m thinking “seems legit”.

To the products review. Ok I must admit that the way this works is quite unusual – in a good way. Everyday I’ve been applying a “Daily Dose” or serum that was created based on my answers to a series of questions. i.e. customised to my skin concerns – which are: dehydrated, tired, sensitive, dull. Ugh sounds like a modern day tragedy. Anyway, the anti-dote to these woes included the active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A and Liquorice.

The serum is clear with these colourful little dots of goodness – I put 2 drops into the palm of my hand and pat onto my fresh, dry, clean skin. The consistency is sort of tacky and then gets immediately absorbed. No oily residue or anything. I would say that it’s a perfect daily addition to your skin regime, but for night time, you would need something more heavy duty.

A couple of times a week I’ll use the Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask – it’s not messy, it’s a clear gel – hence why it’s perfect for sleeping in for that extra nourishing treatment – no dirty pillowcase! Then I wash it off with warm water in the morning. My skin certainly feels hydrated afterwards – less flakey bits. (Ew).

Finally, I use the Pure Revival Peel a couple of times a week. It’s a non-abrasive peel that you apply to clean DRY skin. Then after a few minutes it turns milky, and that’s when you start to rub it gently across your skin and the dead keratin acts as the exfoliator! The results from this are obvious – the skin is instantly smoother.

At the start of this post I said that the line was different in a good way. How I would justify that statement:

– products are clear, and gel-like, rather than creamy or oily
– they are not heavily fragranced
– the serum is customised to your individual skin problems
– the ingredients seem minimal
– even the exfoliants are non-abrasive
– they call it the “skin supplement bar” which I think sums it up – it’s there to aid your personal skin type, rather than correct it or act as a miracle worker – unlike some other skin ranges promise to do!

Essentially, it’s a simple, effective skin care line. I would add in a toner and a stronger night cream though, to complete the picture.

Written by Yvette King