So you’ve been on a fantastic beach holiday and by default or deliberately, you’ve acquired a “summer glow”.

Here are my tips to maintain that summer glow as long as humanly possible.

1. Most likely after beaching yourself for a few days, you’ll need to catch a flight back to where you came from – most likely colder and more depressing. Or, you could be returning to a warm climate – either way, your skin needs to survive the flight back. You know what it’s like. That rank, dry, recycled air that’s freezing and blowing on you from those hideous little vents from above? First thing you need to do is hydrate your skin – moisturise it and then cover up. It’s cold on planes so that shouldn’t be too hard basket. I will tend to use a water-based moisturiser so it doesn’t feel greasy on the flight for 4+ hours. **If you are burnt, the last thing you should do is moisturise. It will actually block in the heat. You’ll be roasting baby. Try using a soothing aloe vera gel instead.

2. Once I’ve landed home, that night I will lather myself in oil. Like a potato about to be fried. I choose oil as it provides a deeper nourishing – water based moisturisers will dry up and will leave the skin still prone to flaking. I concentrate on my shins, tops of my feet, arms and chest – especially between the bangers as sometimes when I sleep, if my skin is slightly burnt and a bit damaged, it will wrinkle easily. Have you ever noticed that after being in the sun, when you wake up you’re more wrinkled?? Especially there in the upper chest area? Well I do.

Below are my pics of oil that I’ve used before and swear by. I like the Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil. It’s got a lovely eucalyptus smell and glides over the skin easily. It will leave a slightly greasy residue so ideal for before bed but not great if you’re walking around all day. Small bits of dust will stick to your legs people! The overall feeling is a bit tacky to touch. I would say this is the more intense oil – ideal in the initial stages of returning home.

The next option is Bio Oil. Used by preggo women the world over to help with stretch marks and scarring, I love to use this to hydrate my skin as well. It’s completely absorbed once applied. No oily finish. Just smooth skin. Great also if you work in an office – I would put a few more drops on my legs before heading into what is typically a dry, ice-box.

Finally, natural coconut oil is fabulous. You can buy this in a health food store and it can be used for cooking (takes a high heat), in your fruit salad and also to moisturise your hair as a serum to help tame that post sea frizz. In the one I use TIANA, there’s no nasty additives, it’s extra virgin, organic and fair trade so really is as clean as you can get. Remember your skin is your largest organ. But you know what’s the best bit? It smells like the beach…. Holiday continues! Kinda… Sorta…!

Wearing // H&M top | Zara shorts | Sandals made in Vietnam | Ray-Bans


Written by Yvette King