I actually hate running. It’s something I procrastinate over for ages before I end up lacing those shoes, getting my playlist ready and hitting the pavement.

But as soon as I, I feel so amazing. It’s actually just a completely mental thing. There is something so satisfying about sweating. You feel like you’ve actually achieved something.

Cardio is really for my way to get those “calories out”, because I love food so much. I don’t eat particularly fatty foods (well maybe now and again I’ve have a double-baked almond croissant) but, for me I love a hearty meal. I don’t like the idea of portion control. So “calories out” is pretty essential! Crazy enough, walking burns the most fat per calorie when pitted against jogging and sprinting, but for me it’s not really about losing weight, but to increase my stamina.

Plus a new workout kit can also motivate you! I bought these Nike shorts and shoes on a small store discount for a public holiday – it definitely got me over the line! Now to that imaginary finishing line in my head! Let’s go!

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Written by Yvette King