Ok thanks captain obvious, I know we’re not in NYC, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

Singapore isn’t even Hong Kong – what I would like to think of as the New York of Asia – the grit, the city that never sleeps, the skyscraper sky line – you get my drift. But hey, we can always just use our imagination.

I don’t mind me a bit of matchy matchy here and there – this Marc by Marc Jacobs ensemble is probably the most comfortable and 100% humidity appropriate attire that will ever skim your skin – easy, breezy, beautiful… Oh wait… Yep getting lazy with my writing.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Checquered Dress

Marc by Marc Jacobs Rebel Bag

Available at Marc by Marc Jacobs:

#03-21 ION Orchard
Tel: +65 6304 1375

#01-11 & #02-12 Mandarin Gallery
Tel: +65 6304 1376

Visit Club 21 for more information.

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Marc Jacobs Singapore_Yvette King
Marc Jacobs Singapore

Written by Yvette King