Well what can I say? So in the year of the selfie, I’ve been contemplating social media lately.

I have to admit, I’m what you might call “social media fatigued”. It’s bloody ridiculous that I’m making this claim as I write on a blog which I will share, but I just had to say it! Everything is about popularity these days, how many likes you get and the pressure to create styled, curated, perfect yet effortless looking content is exhausting. What about just sharing something that you like without worry about whether the image is in the same “theme” as your Insty feed? There was an innocence about Facebook when it first started – everyone’s early pictures of being drunk on the dancefloor would probably atest to that (*ahem when I say everyone’s I mean me)! But now, if something’s not witty enough, pretty enough or interesting enough #noonegivesacrap. It’s this fear of not looking cool that gets to me. But in saying all of this, in my recent travels, I’ve finally become inspired again. And I’m not worried about posting what I like. Less about “knowing my audience” but more about just being me. Resolute that!

Wearing // Miu Miu glasses | TUULLA dress | Converse chucks

TuullaYvette King
Written by Yvette King