Well it’s safe to say that all my Christmases came at once!

Hosting the Festive Light Up at Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands with David Beckham – it doesn’t get much better than this. Well, for me anyway. This is because I’ve been a HUGE fan girl of David for a very long time (and Victoria), and was in the process of reading his autobiography when I got the call up to do this gig of a lifetime.

It’s so strange – at the start of this year, I had an interview with Profiling Glam, and one of the questions was “If you could invite anyone over for dinner who would it be?” My response was “Victoria and David Beckham – each successful in their own right, travelling the world, raising a troupe of apparently very polite kids… I would love to get their advice how you can have it all!”

It’s surreal to think I said all this back in January and by the end of 2014 I would’ve met both these superstars and interviewed them! Here’s my chat with Victoria.

This might sound funny, but I did read Victoria’s autobiography many years ago and one thing always stuck with me – the moment she felt she had “made it”so to speak, was when she lit up the Oxford Street, London Christmas lights with the Spice Girls. On a very, teeny, weeny, minuscule scale to that, doing this festive event at Singapore’s landmark venue with Beckham honestly made me feel really proud of what I’d achieved in my career, after so many knock backs, rejections and being constantly told no. What I’m trying to say is, it was certainly my career milestone.

Here’s a small snippet of what DB had to say…

“What’s the best part about being David Beckham? The best part of being myself, is the fact that I can give back in so many different ways and even if just turning up somewhere and talking about my career to some children that are underprivileged or that need help in different ways, you know it brings a smile to their faces and it really does make everyone feel so special, so the charity work is closest to my heart.”

He also said that one Christmas tradition he experienced growing up was listening to the Queen’s speech with his grandma. He’s now passed this onto his kids.

I don’t usually get star struck – you gotta keep things profesh ya know, but I must admit I did have a moment when I was talking to him – my internal monologue when something like this. Oh MY GOD, it’s David Beckham. He’s right there. Talking. Is this really happening? Yes it is you idiot – listen to what he’s saying and think of the next question!!!

Becks is the most sincere, lovely guy you can come across. It must be strange having so many people hanging on your every word and being pulled in a million directions all the time, but he’s so patient with everyone. It was pandemonium trying to exit the event, as Becks was unsurprisingly being swamped by the enormous crowd, but in all of that mayhem, he took the time to thank me – would you believe?! As he left he said “are you coming with us?” and with so much pain I said “no”. He said “well, I’ll see you later”… Here’s hoping!

Thanks Marina Bay Sands and George Tanasijevich for the opportunity.

Written by Yvette King