I haven’t attending #MBFWA since 2012 and that was when it was still being held at the Overseas Passenger Terminal near the Harbour Bridge. And guess what, nothing’s really changed!

Yes the venue is now at the industrial chic Carriageworks behind my old stomping ground of Sydney University (which I actually miss so dearly – some of my best memories are from sitting there in the Quad laughing with friends over what we did the night before at the Sub/Ski party, or trying to flirt with Ben at the library – he was always studying of course and I was usually the distraction…). Anyways, fashion week in Australia really is a scene that doesn’t seem to change too much. The same people attend – many Miss Universe Australia alumni, WAGs, Home and Away stars but this time, it was really fabulous to spot the style gurus, the “fashion bloggers” themselves, doing what they do best. I’ll post on that very soon! But more than anything else, you know the collections will be on point. Australian designers, while all very different, seem to create a unified, distinctively Aussie fashion flavour that is effortlessly cool, understated, unpretentious but slightly intimidating in it’s confidence. The fashion is like that girl at school who you wanted to be friends with, but was scared shitless of…

Back to the clothes, my outfit is practical and affordable! Before the shows I ducked off to my old stomping ground (yes another one) – Birkenhead Point. I worked there all through my uni days selling underwear! It’s a factory outlet of some of my favourite Australian brands – Witchery, Country Road, Peter Alexander, Oroton, Kookai etc. This is a MUST VISIT! Yes it’s out in the burbs, but I scored some seriously great bargains – might be a little behind season for the Aussies but perfect for Singapore weather…

+ WEARING Country Road jacket // Seed leather crop // Witchery skirt // Converse // Kate Spade cross-body



Written by Yvette King