Recently I had a “moment” – a coming of age if you will – when I realised I had achieved I had set out to.

All my hopes and dreams that I had struggled for had come true. I couldn’t believe that I pulled it off.

Let’s start from the beginning. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt of being a broadcast journalist. I loved telling stories and I was fascinated by the anchors on TV. When I was around 8 years old, a simple set of options laid out by my dad sealed the deal. We were at the Sydney Royal Easter Show – a carnival that only happens once a year – that kids get incredibly excited for. I don’t think I slept properly for 3 nights in anticipation of getting to go on the rides, eat the sweets, see the farm animals and most of all – getting to buy a showbag. For those non- Aussies, an Easter Show showbag is pretty much everything a little girl or boy thinks about come April – it’s basically a branded plastic bag full of candies and toys. Anyway, my dad said I could get the showbag I wanted so desperately or I could wait in this extremely long queue and get to sit behind a fake news desk, on a fake set, and read an autocue and walk away with a VHS tape of me reading the news. I knew straight away! I still have that blurry tape p.s. with teeth that are too big for my face… Anyway, I digress. I’ve been lucky enough to have already known exactly what I wanted to do, but the curse is that everyday you are not doing that – or not working towards that goal, you feel miserable.

As life would have it, after I completed my degree in Media & Comms, I set out on a young person’s right of passage – a gap year overseas. It was one of the best years of my life, but after gallivating around Europe for a year, I came back to Sydney broke as a joke and that’s when I went off course. I was unemployed for 4 months, all my fellow grads had been already working for a year and they looked like they were already kicking serious career goals. I was starting to feel anxious. I couldn’t get a job and I had no idea how to start in the TV industry. I was frustrated, intimidated and with each passing month, demoralised. I ended up taking a job in advertising sales.

Once you start climbing a corporate ladder – it’s really hard to get off. It wasn’t me from the outset and I was very aware of that, but I was offered great pay and the thought of going back down to the bottom scared the bejesus out of me because I remember how that felt the first time around. Anyways, one day I just had an epiphany – I realised as I looked at those senior to me, I didn’t aspire to one day be doing their role, in fact the thought of me continuing on this path any longer depressed me. It was time to take that leap of faith.

My friend’s younger brother happened to work as a video journalist for the online edition of one of Sydney’s biggest newspapers – she suggested I get in contact and I didn’t hesitate. So I found myself selling banner ads by day, but interning as a VJ at night. I enjoyed myself so much, the double life didn’t suck the energy out of me – it gave me life! It became more and more clear journalism is what I needed to pursue. And then, as luck would have it, there was an opening at a TV network – but in the programming department. They always say a foot in the door is how you get in, so I took on that part-time role and continued my video journalism at the paper. Yes there was a massive pay cut involved, but I never felt richer so to speak… TO BE CONTINUED…

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Written by Yvette King