My default look is usually quite simple – based on denim and a striped tee. But there’s something about approaching the holiday season that has got me feeling a little bit more “sparkly” if you will – I’m more inclined to jazz things up a bit. I love wearing my favourite neutrals, but there’s nothing like a few sequins and a nice watch to bling things up a bit.

I used to only wear linked and oversized watches, but these days I’m leaning towards ones that are more feminine and classic – but yet still make a statement or compliment my outfit.

If you’re looking to snap up a watch for Christmas, I would recommend the Emporio Armani Holliday ’15 Collection – the colours are soft, pastel and perfect for day or evening getups. You can head over to their website to find out more.

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Notes: This post was sponsored by Emporio Armani, but all words are my own.

Written by Yvette King