Yvette King

See we live in these completely “filtered” lives these days. If something doesn’t look up to “sharing” on social media, we tweak it, enhance it, wash over it and slowly things stop being real. But even though we all know this, it’s still so easy to look at someone else’s life from a distance and think – they’ve got a perfect life, and as a result, I don’t. It’s so easy to slip into this pattern of thinking. For example, when my long-suffering hubby was taking these snaps in our holiday in the Maldives, he was quickly standing on a makeshift coffee-table, sweating like a beast as the sun beat down on us. All the while trying not to get the attention of fellow patrons at this beach bar who were peering over like “what the hell!?”
Anyway, I digress. Particularly when you work in an industry like I do which is by large part based on appearances, it’s easy to see what others are doing and wish you were as pretty, talented, knowledgeable, sexy, funny, charming – or whatever as someone else. But fact is, maybe they don’t feel that way about themselves. In some sick and twisted way, maybe they could be looking at you and wishing they could have a slice of your flawed life.
Learnings? Don’t concern yourself with what others are doing! Just keep focused on what makes you happy, and seek contentment – and if you don’t get what this other person got, don’t become a chip person. Which brings me to another quote.
“In the end, only three things matter. How much you loved, how gently you lived & how gracefully you let go  of things not meant for you”. – BUDDAH.
Wearing // Bec & Bridge dress from Luxe Boutique // Shot in the Maldives
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Written by Yvette King