I’ve been a fan and following Mira Duma for a while… Remove the creepy, stalkerish connotations and you’ll realise I completely just admire the pint-sized power woman.

Hailing from Russia, the Moscow-based fashionista is one to follow, as the oracle of what is to become a trend, before it’s even happened. Maybe that’s because she will wear something, or give it her stamp of approval and then it BECOMES a trend.

Anyway, Mira kick-started www.buro247.ru – basically a portal of curated style, cultural, lifestyle, beauty and of course, fashion goodness – and for those of you wondering what content makes the cut – apparently a certain reality star doesn’t. “We don’t write about Kim Kardashian.” Ok. If while you had my attention before, you really have it now! Even the last true bastion of style, Vogue, caved into the Krazy Kardashian hype, notoriously putting Kimmy K and Kanye on the cover…

I digress. Buro247 Singapore is to be launched next month, and when the team asked me to be their friend, I said YES! Um, obviously! I ducked over to their Brooklyn-esque loft office in Duxton Hill and we took some street style snaps, with me wearing – just to scream it from the rooftops… an I love Buro247 tee!

Thanks for the friendship guys – hopefully this one is a lasting one x

+ visit www.buro247.sg

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Written by Yvette King