Koreans are known for their innovative and effective beauty products (yes I am half-Korean but I’m not being bias I swear!). So when I was seeing a lot of buzz online about the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar, I thought I would just have to give it a go for myself. Essentially the product aims to create that ombre look of two complimentary lip shades, in one stroke of the lipstick wand. But the question was, which colour?

I guess the beauty of this product is that it actually kills my indecisiveness on which colour to choose with one full swoop – the whole point is that it’s an ombre – a mix of two tones. It seems good in theory and catwalks have been achieving this look for a while – using precision with two separate lipsticks. I was, admittedly, a bit skeptical that you could get this style with just one lipstick alone – I did think the shades would bleed into each other and it would be a mess to apply. But I was impressed with this product. Below are some swabs I did on my skin and that is just one swipe. The colour comes on heavy enough that you only really need to apply it once across your lips.

Laneige twotone lip bar_5

HOW TO // When you take off the lid, you’ll see that the lipstick is on a slant. Using the side button, slide the lipstick up (pleasure ensure not to push it up too high – I did this and when I was putting the lipstick on, the bar broke off). The tip of the lippy – the tallest point is the part that goes on the inner of your top and bottom lips (i.e. put this closest to your teeth – not getting it on your teeth dummy!). The other tone should rest on your outer lip. Start from the middle of your bottom lip and sweep out towards the corner of the mouth. Go back to the middle of the bottom lip and repeat on the other side. Then, flip the lipstick the opposite way to apply it on the upper lip – as in the pointed tip of the lipstick is always in the inner lip.

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THE VERDICT // Ok so objective is certainly achieved – the Two-Tone Lip Bar does achieve an evenly blended balayage lip, quite painlessly. BUT, there is a caveat – you do need to have somewhat plumpish lips to get the full effect. On thin lips, you would likely only see one shade. Also, another tip – I find the shades where the darker one is on the inside is more obvious when applied. The least bright tone was the one that is third from the left in the picture below (number 8 “neon juice”) – the orange didn’t come on very dark – the pink overwhelmed it (see above image bottom left). My favourite is the red inside with pink on the outside (number 3 “pink salmon”) in the image above it’s the bottom right. Looks so cool! Hollywood actress Chloe Moretz is also a fan – she was wearing this recently on her trip to Korea.

You can check it out more at the Laneige website here.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Written by Yvette King