The stereotypes about the TV industry are true. I’ve heard all sorts of reasons for my rejection. From too short (umm have you not seen Ryan Seacrest?!), to too Asian, to not Asian-looking enough, complaints about my accent, too much energy and don’t even get me started on age. At first, when I was starting out in my career, I took all this criticism to heart, but now I’m getting more and more confident in accepting my own unique features.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetYouthful aura is a concept to me that means so much more than long-lasting external beauty. I think it’s less about trying to capture “youth” per se, and is more about feeling happy and loving every stage you go through. I’m still working on a few things – like trying not to sweat the small stuff, but feeling comfortable in my own skin is something that I’m proud to say I’m getting better at :)

And in feeling my best, and maintaining what I already have, like most women I invest in looking after my skin. Beauty bloggers always talk about holy grail products. I have to say that I’m incredibly fussy when it comes to skincare and I’m hyper critical too. This is because as I’m getting older I’m slowly but surely adding more and more steps into my beauty regime and if it ain’t good or effective… Ain’t no body got time for that!

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I have been using Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum on a daily basis for around 2 years now. It was first introduced to me when I was an emcee for a Lancôme event. But I must admit I didn’t get around to using it straight away. I had the product in my cabinet for about 2 weeks, until another professional makeup artist highly recommended it. I went home that night and applied it and became obsessed with it thereafter.

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Here’s why I’m really into it. This is an extremely effective anti-aging serum. Simple! I’m not one of those bloggers that focuses on, or really even chooses products based on their ingredients (the exception being some oils), so I’m not going to go into that. What I like is results you can see and feel. My personal skincare issue would be fine lines and occasional clogged pores. I’m pan-Asian, so I don’t have big crows feet (eek well not yet anyway!) but am starting to notice some little fine wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. Since using the Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum, my skin over the course of a week felt like it had more tighter elasticity and firmness – which is exactly what I was after for my skin problems. If something works for me, I continue to use it! If not, it’s eliminated from my regime straight away. There’s no price on feeling confident. Especially when for me personally, I experience the pressures of being in front of the camera and more scrutiny on how I appear as compared to women in other industries.

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I concentrated the application of this serum around my eyes, forehead (I tend to get dry spots there) and my smile lines after cleansing my skin and adding toner. The clarity of my skin has also been much, much better as a result of this serum.  Heavy creams can sometimes cause me breakouts but this is perfect to hydrate the skin before makeup, before boarding a flight and also before I apply moisturiser as I’m jumping into bed. It’s quickly absorbed into the skin. My face is instantly refreshed and I even apply a little bit on my neck as well. No one wants a hideous turkey neck!

The applicator is also fab. It’s a self-loading dropper so you get the exact amount of serum you need and you don’t have to tamper with the product by having to dip your fingers into the bottle.

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My little added trick for effectiveness? I exfoliate in the shower before I apply the serum and my skin just drinks it up. It actually appears more supple, just healthier and not as dull. I couple this product with the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl – this is the eye-illuminating youth activating serum which is applied with a massaging applicator pearl which helps stimulate the delicate skin around the eyes gently and works wonders on eye bags. Again I have been using this for around 2 years as well. Couple this with the Lancôme Génifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Concentrate and you’re good to go.

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There’s only so much heavy makeup and TV lighting can do to help you, so it’s important to get your skincare right in the first place.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique promises to create a youthful aura. So do many other products. But this one is my go to for the above reasons, plus it’s a product that helps you embrace your natural beauty at any age.

If you’ve read this blog and feel somewhat interested, now is the time to test it out as Lancôme is offering an exclusive introductory price, while stocks last – $98 SGD for Advanced Génifique in 30ml (usually this is $130 SGD). Click HERE for more.

+ sponsored (but please note I only endorse and support products I genuinely believe in and use myself).

Written by Yvette King