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One of the most ethereal, elegant and breath-taking Aussie labels taking the fashion scene by storm is Aje.

This show was incredibly popular. Fashionistas were queuing outside the venue at Sydney’s Carriageworks for what felt like an eternity – myself included. Even my little blazer was doing nothing to protect me from the hideous cool wind blowing from the train tracks nearby. Get the violins out! Anyway, my energy was starting to wane, but a few marshmallows later – donated by a fellow fashion follower, I was ready for Aje.

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The minute the show started I completely forgot about my low blood-sugar level (guys I am taking the piss out of myself so don’t for a second think I really take myself this seriously!) and was blown away.

Sequins. Maxi dresses. Minimalism at it’s best. Simply beautiful.

Before the show I hung out backstage with the Prema team – who were busily and strangely calmly creating the soft, effortless low hanging pony tails, using hand coloured balliaged pieces individually customised for each model to contrast their natural hair colour.

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  • Create a natural center part with your fingers, apply a moderate amount of Goldwell Power Whip Strengthening Volume Mousse evenly throughout the hair and use your fingers to dry to 90%. Be sure to maintain parting, and to direct front hairline toward the face when drying.
  • Take a curved section from mid-way behind the ear, intercepting the occipital and follow shape to nape, leaving approximately 2cms free around the hairline. Thicker hair may need hair taken from a larger area. Thinner hair, the opposite.
  • After clipping up bulk of hair, take the bottom section and tie into a secure ponytail at the occipital. Lightly backcomb the mid-lengths and ends of pony, wrap onto itself and secure to the base of the nape. This will serve as a volumising filler later in the style.
  • Use bobby pins to attach the coloured weft around that previously pinned section securing as you wrap to make sure there is no chance for it to come loose.
  • Continue drying remaining hair with a medium sized round brush paying attention to the ends, as well as the root direction around the face. Root lift should be natural, with some body through mid-lengths and ends. Blowdry a natural movement into the hair to assist tonging.
  • Using 1.25” curling tong, heat sections in a random shaped but consistently dense pattern, directing hair away from the face.
  • Once cooled, gently disturb the set with your fingers or a large toothed comb. If extra volume is needed, mist a little Goldwell Naturally Full Wet and Dry Bodifying Spray and softly back comb first 3” from the roots for added lift.
  • Loosely holding hair by the chin, pull hair back until you have it collect it just below the nape of the neck. Check for any pulls or obvious unevenness in tension. When satisfied, securely, but lightly tie off. There will need to be a moderate amount of give in the elastic to enable altering of the shape and texture of the style.
  • Delicately personalise the look by pulling loose hair above the ears and letting those natural, shorter hairs around the face fall away from the bulk of the hair.
  • Lightly spray with Goldwell Magic Finish Brilliant Hairspray to hold

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Written by Yvette King