Ok I’ll admit it. I haven’t always had a sunny disposition.

I used to be a glass-half empty kind of person who sometimes saw things or experiences that happened to me as some extreme conspiracy plot by the universe against me, to thwart my plans.

But over time I trained myself to completely change my outlook on life. And honestly, as soon as I mentally became more positive, more positive things started to happen for me (or maybe I just saw it that way so it felt positive). And I also found it easier to deal with problems I was faced with.

So here are 6 habits to help brighten your day.

1. take the emotion out of it. If an issue crops up, don’t default to a victim mentality or react with emotion. Wait a minute – and if it requires sleep on it, before you send that retort email or have that difficult conversation. Being more emotionally balanced – even when there’s a high, try and stay even keel about it all – will do you wonders. Being measured means you don’t invest and waste a lot of emotional energy on things you can’t control.

2. try and get enough sleep. Obvious yes. Important yes. If you starve your body of rest time, it completely can make you restless and irritable – life is harder without ample shut eye! I recently read an article about a way to fall asleep for those of you that have too many restless nights! It’s called the 7-4-8 method. Basically, you breathe in for 7 seconds through your nose, hold your breathe for 4 seconds and then slowly breathe out for 8 seconds. And repeat as many times as you can. Sounds weird, but I do find it strangely effective! I think it distracts your mind from stresses, as you’re trying to control your breathing, and it also slows down your heart rate. Give it a go!

3. I also read you need 10 hugs a day to feel secure! In this world of social media where we are artificially connected all the time, it’s easy to assume you’re getting enough human interaction. But physical touch is so needed. Put down the iPhone and hug it out baby!

4. Let yourself enjoy one thing that makes you happy – guilt-free. My biggest vice is coffee. When I wake up it’s something I really look forward to and it perks me up. Placebo effect or not, I allow myself to enjoy this moment completely without feeling bad. But obviously allow yourself within reason! Yes a whole packet of Tim Tam biscuits is a pleasure, but eating one everyday is not what I mean!

5. Consciously make the time to smile. And laugh. For me this is easily solved by watching Jimmy Fallon videos on YouTube! Or I subscribe to pages on the internet that compile hilarious viral videos. Or just follow @thefatjewish on Instagram. Nuff said.

6. Listen to music. It’s amazing how a few feel good tunes can turn your mood around so fast and make you feel energetic. Last thing you should do though if you’re feeling down is to feed those sentiments by playing some James Blunt or something!

And in summary, don’t take yourself so damn seriously.

Wearing Klarra top // H&M bikini bottoms
Written by Yvette King